Ep. 40: How to Make Your Title Company More Efficient
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Ep. 40: How to Make Your Title Company More Efficient

No matter the market you’re facing right now, you will never regret taking the time to make your operation more efficient. It’s especially important if you are experiencing a drop in orders to use this time to evaluate your current business processes and ensure that you’re running as efficiently as possible. We’re joined by title operations and technology experts, Kay Underwood-Zach and Brie McDaniel from Title Insurance Consultants, LLC. They’re sharing how you can start evaluating and taking action in your business for a more resilient and profitable future. 


"With the way the market is right now, it's a great time to review your process and see what's going on and how things can be tweaked and where can you implement changes." Brie McDaniel, Title Insurance Consultants, LLC



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Guests: Kay Underwood-Zach and Brie McDaniel of Title Insurance Consultants, LLC – Contact them here.

Host: Lindsey Gordon of PropLogix

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