Ep. 45: Gaining Market Share in a Soft Market with Dr. Cindy McGovern
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Ep. 45: Gaining Market Share in a Soft Market with Dr. Cindy McGovern

With all the ups and downs of the last few years, many in the title and settlement industry are feeling hopeful for a return to normal. However, as interest rates remain high, the housing market remains soft in many areas. A spike in business thanks to the Spring and Summer season may give a false sense of security that you’re doing more business, but are you seeing meaningful growth?

Our guest, Dr. Cindy McGovern, The First Lady of Sales, says it’s important to look closely at whether your numbers are just up because it’s the season or if you’re actually netting new business. Once you’ve determined that, then it’s time to get to work looking at all the ways you can tune up your organization to really stand out and make an impact.

Dr. Cindy is the owner of Orange Leaf Consulting and a two-time author. She and her team at Orange Leaf Consulting help title professionals evaluate their businesses, build strategies to catapult their growth, and then help with implementation.



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Guest: Dr. Cindy McGovern, Orange Leaf Consulting

Host: Lindsey Gordon of PropLogix