Ep. 49: The Title Industry Stories You Need to Be Following
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Ep. 49: The Title Industry Stories You Need to Be Following

Title professionals are busy with a million different tasks, and staying abreast of industry news can feel like just one more thing on your to-do list. However, being informed means you make informed decisions about your business daily. That’s why we invited HousingWire’s Brooklee Han to sit down to share some of the biggest stories hitting the title industry right now and why you should be following them. Hint: because they impact you and your business.

Being informed also means you can help impact the industry in positive ways, too. Just recently, after it came to light that Fannie Mae was piloting a title insurance waiver program, the American Land Title Association got the word out, which allowed title professionals the chance to share concerns with regulators. Now, the program has been abandoned, and ALTA is crediting those actions with helping to halt the pilot program.

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Guest: Brooklee Han, HousingWire

Host: Lindsey Gordon, PropLogix