Ep. 52: Brent Scheer on the State of the Title Industry
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Ep. 52: Brent Scheer on the State of the Title Industry

In this special episode of Title Talks, we pick the brain of Title Industry veteran Brent Scheer. He’s a self-described recovering auditor and accountant who is always looking at the economy and numbers so less nerdy folks like you and me don’t have to! He’s the COO at Advocus National Title (new name!), and this episode is packed full of insight on when we’ll see a break in rates, how to get through the tough times, and his take on AI.

This episode is part one in a five-part series where we feature title experts sharing their insights and opinions on the 2023 State of the Title Industry.


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Guest: Brent Scheer, Advocus National Title Insurance Company

Host: Lindsey Gordon, PropLogix