Ep. 53: Andi Bolin on the State of the Title Industry
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Ep. 53: Andi Bolin on the State of the Title Industry

This episode’s guest, Andi Bolin, admits she had a rough start in the title industry. It was a combination of persistence and taking advantage of the resources available and people willing to help along the way that helped her to succeed in a multitude of roles. Now, she’s been able to take that hard-won wisdom and help many other agents going through the same struggles.

Bolin now serves as a Texas-based Agency Sales Rep for Stewart Title. Her experience and bubbly personality make her uniquely awesome and well-suited for her role to support agents and to provide advice on everything from getting through the tough times to leading with empathy and humility, and tips for evaluating vendors.

Download the 2023 State of the Title Industry Report here.

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This episode is part two in a five-part series where we feature title experts sharing their insights and opinions on the 2023 State of the Title Industry.

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Guest: Andi Bolin, Stewart Title

Host: Lindsey Gordon, PropLogix