Why We Chose To Renovate Our Brand

Between home improvement and self-improvement, a lot of people are making changes in the time of COVID-19. PropLogix is not immune. Call it what you will: a remodel, renovations, a makeover, we’ve been drawing up the plans for months and construction is now complete. We can’t wait to show you around.

Why We Chose to “Renovate”

Over the years PropLogix has expanded not only its product offering but its geographic footprint as well. We’ve gone from solely performing research for municipal liens in Florida to becoming nationwide real estate due diligence experts, serving small, two-person law firms to large corporations with multistate operations. There was a point that we realized that we were no longer just a service provider, but a business partner to our customers and since then it’s been our goal to help facilitate the success of title professionals one transaction at a time. 

We strive to provide a level of excellence for our customers by being diligent in our research, innovative in our technological solutions, accurate with our results, efficient with our processes, and educational in our communications. 

We know our agents are the ones who sit at the closing table while someone signs on the dotted line making one of the biggest purchases of their lives. More importantly, we know in an industry where relationships and reputation are everything there is no room for mistakes. 

As our rapid growth continues, we decided it was about time that the visual representation of our company matched our mission, goals, and values we embody every day. We’re excited that today is finally the day we launch a new look that represents PropLogix – streamlined, fresh, technology-driven, friendly, modern, professional, and human. Logo Reveal Gif


The Story Behind the Style 

For starters, we simplified our logo; inspired by a compilation of what we feel are the most valuable aspects of the closing process: 

Protection of the homebuyers and sellers, guidance from trusted resources throughout the journey, finding the best location to start a new chapter, experiencing pure joy the moment the keys are officially handed over, and finally, making a house feel like a home – a sanctuary for you and your family.  

Branded Icon Lineup

Second, we recognize from modern art and design practices that less is more, and our old logos have certainly been more.

PropLogix Past Logos

Yes, we were once “Professional Lien Search”, but that’s another story with a lot of history. When we switched our name to PropLogix back in 2016, it was a really big change that signified we were no longer just a Municipal Lien Search company, and we wanted to hold onto our old look so as not to become unrecognizable. Now, we’re confident that our green and our name carry a hefty amount of recognition and we were more than ready to make a change.

The fact is, we don’t believe that our old logo truly represented our organization as a whole. The checkmark, the swoosh, the shadow, the magnifying glass, and the gradients were unoriginal and lacked sophistication for the creative resources we have. 

We hope that you’re just as happy as us with this fresh new look. However, a brand is way more than just the look and feel. So while we know we don’t need to continue explaining the reasoning for this change any more than we already have…we’re going to. 

What Does a Brand Mean to You? 

A brand is an emotional feeling you have when you hear someone mention a company’s name. It’s every single interaction you have with the employees who work there. It’s the tone that comes across in their emails and on their website. It’s how a company performs business well, and how they handle themselves when a mistake is made. It’s the relationships you build within, and the trust you have that in a time of need they’ll be there to help. It’s the successes you share and smiles you can hear over the phone. 

A brand is the value their marketing brings you, the education they provide, and the swag you receive in the mail. It’s the funky suits at a tradeshow, and the green drinks served at a bar. It’s the core values they live by, the way their employees are treated, and in turn the way they treat you as a customer. It’s the infrastructure put in place to handle any demands and the quick response during a pandemic or disaster without missing a beat. It’s the likelihood that you have of promoting that company’s services to someone else. 

A brand is so much more than a color scheme or a logo – it’s everything. 

Most importantly, a good brand identity is a company providing a solution that makes your life easier. Whether it be saving time, money, stress, or you from performing tedious tasks. A brand has to solve a problem, and we are here to help do just that! 

Shouldn’t Buying and Selling A Home Be Simple and Transparent?

We certainly think so. 

While PropLogix has disrupted a conference or two in the past, we plan to continue to disrupt this industry working towards a more streamlined future through technological advancements. 

We couldn’t just keep doing our part without looking the part. Try telling us these custom illustrations don’t best represent our team of analysts, researchers, sales, and support people – ready to take on any challenge that lands on their plate.

PropLogix Illustrations

You’ll see these styles, colors, and typography consistently throughout any experience produced by PropLogix. 

The best is yet to come, we’re excited to move forward with this refresh and bring to you more user-friendly experiences from here on out. From our family to yours, thank you for your continued support throughout this crazy year. ❤️

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