Ep. 12 How Probate Impacts Real Estate Closings

Ep. 12 How Probate Impacts Real Estate Closings


In the second part of our probate series, Pamela Hernandez dives deeper into the kind of probate-related issues title and real estate professionals need to know when listing, selling, and issuing title insurance policies.

"A lot of time a surviving spouse or even beneficiaries... they believe, even if their name is not on the title, they believe that they can sign a listing agreement or proceed with a sale when that is not always the case." Pamela Hernandez, Real Estate & Estate Planning Attorney


Key topics in this episode:

  • How improper probate proceedings can cloud title (1:05).
  • What real estate agents need to know for listing agreements (5:00).
  • Underwriter exceptions or requirements (8:50).
  • Removing decedents from a deed (12:00).
  • How real estate agents can avoid probate headaches (19:00).

Resources and suggested reading:

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Guest: Pamela Hernandez
Host: Amanda Farrell of PropLogix

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