Ep. 35: Moving Money Securely in Real Estate with Jason Doshi
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Ep. 35: Moving Money Securely in Real Estate with Jason Doshi

Companies today use technology to reduce friction between awareness of a product and the point of sale. Successful online sellers replicate a seamless buying experience to get consumers to click buy quickly and easily. You can even buy a car with a phone app today, but repeating this experience in the real estate transaction proves more difficult. After spending more than a decade in the mortgage industry, Jason Doshi switched gears to develop Paymints.io with his brother. Their vision is to provide a solution to eliminate paper checks, reduce wire fraud, and recreate the seamless customer experience we’ve grown accustomed to in other industries. I spoke with Jason about the unique challenges of title professionals, consumers’ frustrations, and why technology needs to be at the core of cross-industry collaboration. 


"Consumers are expecting a digital transaction... especially because they’ve seen it when ordering a car, they've seen it when they order food, they've seen it when they travel, so when they conduct a real estate transaction they almost expect a similar process." Jason Doshi, CEO and Co-Founder of Paymints.io


Key Topics in this Episode: 

  • 1:37  – What the mortgage industry taught Jason
  • 4:35 –  Why Jason and his brother developed Paymints.io
  • 14:20 –  The friction of a paper checks
  • 19:25 – Moving money securely 
  • 23:30 – The unique challenges of unclaimed funds 
  • 32:20 – Munipay
  • 39:20 – Finding technology solutions that fit customer expectations 
  • 41:40 – Tying the fragmented real estate process together with technology 




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Guest: Jason Doshi of Paymints.io

Jason Doshi is the CEO and co-founder of paymints.io where its game-changing technology securely and effortlessly transfers funds in real estate transactions, eliminating the need for paper checks and reducing wire fraud. Prior to launching paymints.ioJason was the President of one of the nation’s fastest-growing mortgage companies. For his accomplishments in the mortgage industry, in 2020, Jason was awarded The 40 Most Influential Mortgage Professionals Under 40. Most recently, paymints.io was awarded HousingWire’s 2021 HW Tech100 in Real Estate.

Host: Amanda Farrell of PropLogix

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