Ep. 4 Using Refinances to Grow Your Business

Ep. 4 Using Refinances to Grow Your Business

Host Amanda sits down with PropLogix’s Dave Daly to talk about how title agents can determine if and how they can leverage the refinance boom. With his background in real estate technology,  Dave explains the importance of investing in your title production operations to get more out of it.


"Every business is always looking for a way to safeguard themselves from a downturn in the economy... but you also look at it from the perspective of when things are great, how do I participate?" Dave Daley, VP of Product at PropLogix


Key topics in this episode:

  • Dave Daly’s background in real estate (1:00).
  • The challenges of refinance title orders (1:45).
  • Why title companies should or shouldn’t invest in refinance opportunities (3:10).
  • Integrating more refinances into your title operations (7:20).

Resources and suggested reading:


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Guest: Dave Daly of PropLogix
Host: Amanda Farrell of PropLogix

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