Ep. 41: How to Grow Your Customer Base with Darryl Turner
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Ep. 41: How to Grow Your Customer Base with Darryl Turner

Title Sales Coach, Darryl Turner, joins us to talk about ways you can grow your customer base. From understanding your current unique sources of business to figuring out the formula for customer attrition, you’ll learn actionable ways to make a serious impact on your business by not only maintaining but increasing your customer count through tried and true customer acquisition strategies. In this episode, we’re also joined by PropLogix Business Development Manager, Pete Bramm, who shares his insight from many years working in sales for a major underwriter.

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Guest: Darryl Turner, Darryl Turner Corporation – you can get in touch with Darryl and his team here.

Guest Host: Pete Bramm of PropLogix – you can email pete.bramm@proplogix.com

Host: Lindsey Gordon of PropLogix