Ep. 50: Low-Cost Marketing Strategies with the Best ROI
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Ep. 50: Low-Cost Marketing Strategies with the Best ROI


If you’re struggling in this market, you’re definitely not alone. However, if you’re among the 50% of title companies with no sales or marketing support, you probably feel it even more. (2022 State of the Title Industry Report)

Even if you don’t necessarily have the resources to invest in marketing or sales, are there things you could do in your business that are free or low-cost that will pay off for you? You bet!

Mitch Sullivan has spent more than a decade as a marketing consultant and has been working in the title industry for the last four years. In this episode, he’s sharing some easy steps you can take that will require little more than some time.

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Guest: Mitch Sullivan, SnapClose and Zero Eight

Host: Lindsey Gordon, PropLogix