Ep. 29: Building Your Brand in the Title Industry with Bowe Digital
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Ep. 29: Building Your Brand in the Title Industry with Bowe Digital

If you ever get stuck on where to take your marketing strategy, Wayne Stanley from Bowe Digital has some great suggestions. Despite what many say, email marketing isn’t dead and title companies can find success on TikTok. In this interview, we talk about how you can unleash your creativity to think differently about what you do, some critical pieces of content every company should have, and how to reach your audience digitally. Wayne also explains what growing pumpkins has to do with growing your business.


" The more you can build this culture in your team to 'work out loud' and to find opportunities for content… It does take time and you really have to drill it into people, but some of that most mundane stuff could end up turning into a really great piece." - Wayne Stanley, Bowe Digital


Key topics in this episode:

  • Key pieces of content every title company should have (7:22)
  • “Working Out Loud” (10:11)
  • Resources for content creation (18:00)
  • How to apply a growth mindset to title insurance marketing and sales (21:56)
  • Building a personal brand online (37:34)
  • Wayne’s favorite marketing tools (45:21)
  • Email marketing isn’t dead and the rise of chatbots (48:53)


Resources and suggested reading:


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Guest: Wayne Stanley of Bowe Digital
Host: Amanda Farrell of PropLogix

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